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Exploratory Walk: Student Data Sheet

Name: ____________________________________________

Date: ______________________


  1. Think about our trust walk. How were you able to figure out where you were going?

  3. When you took off your blindfold, what things did you notice first?

  5. Look around. What things do you think your art teacher might notice?

  7. What things do you think your music teacher might notice?

  9. What sense have you used the most during this experience?

Working with your partner, try the activities below. Take time to record your observations and responses on the back of this paper.


  1. Sniff things you see outside. Some things to try might include the bark of a tree, the grass, the cement walk, dirt and the brick of a building.

  3. Find as many different textures as possible. You may do a crayon rubbing to record these or list the things you touched and describe them here.

  5. Record the colors you see outside. Which color do you see the most?


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