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Rural Communities

About the Producers and Advisors


Ohio University Telecommunications Center

Marvin Bowman
Executive Director

Gary Mills

Keith Newman

Course Development Team:

Patricia Dewees
Assistant Director
Independent Study, Ohio University

Cornelia Butler Flora
Department Head and Professor of Sociology
Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University

Jan L. Flora
Professor of Agricultural Economics and Sociology
Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University

Jacqueline D. Spears
Rural Clearinghouse for Lifelong Education and Development
Kansas State University

Louis E. Swanson
Professor of Sociology
University of Kentucky

Mark L. Weinberg
The Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural Development
Ohio University

Advisory Board:
Walter J. Armbruster
Managing Director
Farm Foundation

D. Stanley Eitzen
Professor of Sociology
Colorado State University

Richard Jonsen
Executive Director
Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education

Mark B. Lapping
Dean and Professor
Faculty of Planning
Rutgers University

Brent Sargent
The Office of External Programs for the Vermont State Colleges

Janet Whitaker
Instructional Technology District Office
Maricopa Community College

Consulting Scholars:
Fred Schmidt
Center for Rural Studies
University of Vermont

Eric Hoiberg
Department of Sociology
Iowa State University

Don Stull
Institute for Public Policy and Business Research
University of Kansas

Michael Hibbard
Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management
University of Oregon

Richard Krannich
Department of Sociology
Utah State University

Richard W. Stoffle
Department of Anthropology
University of Arizona

Stephen F. Steele
Department of Sociology and Human Services
Anne Arundel Community College

Gary Green
Division of Applied Research
University of Georgia


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