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The Next Move

About the Producers


Dr. Matthew H. Schneps
Executive Director

Ara Sahiner
Nancy Finkelstein
Executive Producers

Nancy Finkelstein
Project Manager

Veda C. Reilley
Series Producer

Clive A. Grainger

Jamie Leaver
Associate Producer

Dr. Rebecca B. Corwin
Dr. Susan A. Mattson
Series Content Guides

Dr. Rebecca B. Corwin
Heather Hurley
Flavia Steiner Viggiani
Series Hosts

Dr. Dana Riley Black
Jen Stempel
Education Coordinators

Nicole Stark
Director of Outreach

Dana Rouse
Outreach/Scheduling Consultant

Melissa Cheung
Eileen McMahon
Web Designers

Alicia Staples
Print Designer


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