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Mathematics and Science For All

About the Producers and Advisors

Producing Organization:

Montana State University-Bozeman

Project Key Personnel:

Lyle Anderson, Project Co-Director

Elisabeth Charron, Project Co-Director

Jennifer Luebeck, Project Manager

Carolyn Duckworth, Writer

Jay LaPlante, Writer

Ronald Tobias, Video Producer

Dan Hart, Video Producer

Terry Macy, Video Producer

Project Advisors:

Francis (Skip) Fennell, Western Maryland College

Randy Knuth, North Center Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL)

Rob Larson, North Center Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL)

Ben Levin, University of North Texas

Johnny Lott, University of Montana and The Systemic Intitative for Montana Mathematics and Science

Ken Pepion, Western Interstate Commisssion on Higher Education

Sandra Robinson, National Project WET

Nate St. Pierre, Tribal Services, Montana State University-Bozeman

Gail Shroyer, Kansas State University

Beverly Singer, Columbia University

Gerald Wheeler, National Science Teachers Association


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