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The Missing Link

About the Producers and Advisors

Adam Kernan-Schloss
Project Manager
A-Plus Communications
Arlington, VA

Kaye Lavine
Lavine Production Group
New York, NY

Miriam Lewin
Lavine Production Group
New York, NY

Michele McLeod
Project Officer
Annenberg Media
Washington, DC

Linda Plattner
Principal Investigator
Council for Basic Education
Washington, DC

Shannon C'de Baca
Workshop Guide
Omaha, NE

Jan Robinson
Master Teacher
Wheeling School District
Wheeling, IL

Harold Asturias
University of California
Oakland, CA

Barbara Byrd-Bennett
Cleveland Municipal Schools
Cleveland, OH

Jane Henderson
California Children and Families State Commission
San Francisco, CA

Glenda Lappan
Connected Mathematics, Michigan State Univeristy
East Lansing, MI

Hayes Mizell
Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
New York, NY

Joan Richardson
National Staff Development Council
Grosse Point Park, MI


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