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Math for All

About the Host, Producers, and Advisors

Producing Organization:
Educational Telecommunications Network (ETN), Los Angeles County Office of Education
Project Key Personnel:
Gerlena Clark, Project Director
Nancy Jenkins, Field Coordinator
Patricia Heffernan-Cabrera, ETN Executive Producer
Pablo Helman, Director/Editor, ETN
Project Advisors: Curriculum Consultants:

Harold Asturias, Math Specialist
Kay Gilliland, Director, Equals National Sites, Lawrence Hall of Science
Touraj Parvin, Math Specialist

Pacific Mountain Network (PMN)--Telecommunication Programming Specialists:

Marion McDonald, Communications Coordinator, Pacific Mountain Network
Mary Lou Ray, Vice President, Pacific Mountain Network

State PTAs--Parent Education Specialists:

Ann McCoy, Vickie Bevans: Alaska State PTA
Pat Minckley, Arizona State PTA
Beverly Morrow, Barbara Wahlquist, Katherine Neilson: California State PTA
Mable Doll, Colorado State PTA
Jim Anthony, Hawaii State PTA
Linda Dobbins, Idaho State PTA
Jean Curtiss, Montana State PTA
Al Gourrier, Nevada State PTA
Hugh Prather, New Mexico State PTA
Carol Beddow, Oregon State PTA
Barbara Smith, Utah State PTA
Andrea Keskey, Washington State PTA
Mary Hein, Wyoming State PTA


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