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 Spotlight on Voices & Visions

Elizabeth Bishop

Hart Crane

Emily Dickinson

T. S. Eliot

Robert Frost

Langston Hughes

Robert Lowell

Marianne Moore

Sylvia Plath

Ezra Pound

Wallace Stevens

Walt Whitman

William Carlos Williams


Welcome to the Spotlight on Voices & Visions

Voices & Visions, a video series from Annenberg Media, explores the lives and works of 13 of America's most famous modern poets.

Learn more about these poets by linking to other Web sites that explore their lives and work. You can also view video clips from programs in the Voices & Visions video series.

Click on a poet's name on the left to start your exploration.


The Spotlight on Voices & Visions links and video clips were researched, selected and annotated by William Wargo, an instructor at Community College of Vermont and St. Michael's College.

The Spotlight on Voices & Visions is inspired by programs from Voices & Visions.


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