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Growing Old in a New Age

Reviews and Awards


Video Librarian
August 1993

"Three-and-a half Stars."

"A welcome addition to the available video resources on aging. Highly recommended."

Spring 1993

"Four Stars."

"Many accepted myths of aging are explored and overturned in these... programs that offer a new perspective on aging."

"Successful senior students enthusiastically relate advice in returning to school,...and reading to keep the mind active."

"This upbeat, informative series is useful for anyone working personally or professionally with aging people..."

Wilson Library Bulletin
October 1993

"Intercutting scientific and behavioral pronouncements by experts with interviews of older people in the day-to-day world gives the viewer a sense of what it's like to be an American over sixty-five."

Modern Maturity
February/March 1994

"...Growing Old in a New Age features older adults and families sharing their experiences and in the process shedding new light on the realities of aging."

"...designed to encourage viewers to examine their own attitudes about aging."

"...the series can be used as a training tool for community-service agencies, and as a resource for personnel offices, marketing specialists, and others interested in older people as potential workers, clients and customers."


National Educational Film and Video Festival
1994 Bronze Apple Award for "How the Body Ages"

National Educational Film and Video Festival
1994 Silver Apple Award for "Learning, Memory, and Speed of Behavior"

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