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October 2015  
Monthly Update  
The Great Thanksgiving Listen
Annenberg Learner is pleased to partner with StoryCorps and to announce The Great Thanksgiving Listen. This Thanksgiving weekend, be one of thousands of teachers and high school students across the country to use the StoryCorps app to preserve the voices and stories of an entire generation of Americans over a single holiday weekend.
Curriculum Focus
Discussing Immigration
Immigration is a hot topic in the U.S. and the world today. While it seems like a very modern problem, immigration has always been a part of human life. How can we begin discussions about immigration with our students?   
Why I Write
October 20 is NCTE's National Day on Writing. This year's theme is #WhyIWrite. Hear famous authors like Leslie Marmon Silko and J. K. Rowling discuss where their inspiration comes from in In Search of the Novel, "Authors Notes: Part III." Explore more ways you can develop purpose in your students' writing on our blog.
How Math = Fun
Let's face it. Not everyone gets excited about math. Learn several steps you can take to promote new and different ways for your students to see math and to have fun doing math. For example, start a list of students' curiosities and ask them what math is relevant to them.       
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Journey North Monarch Curriculum
In case you missed Journey North director Elizabeth Howard's webinar on monarch butterfly curriculum, you can listen and view the slides on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's training center website. Click on webinar 4.              
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Mole Day (October 23)
Celebrate Mole Day with students on October 23, from 6:02am to 6:02pm! For example, use an activity that combines a familiar game with chemical calculations to help students visualize what a mole looks like.

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Water Flows on Mars
The New York Times recently reported that scientists have discovered evidence of liquid water on present-day Mars for the first time. Use the Essential Lens "Water on Mars: A Case Study" lesson plan to teach students how scientists and engineers use photographs to observe and support claims.  
Bring the Arts to Your Classes
This National Arts and Humanities Month, we encourage you to explore the arts with your students by incorporating arts into your subject area. For example, Spanish students write and deliver radio newscasts interpreting the scene in Picasso's famous painting "Guernica" in Teaching Foreign Languages, program 27.
Annenberg Learner Announcements
NCSS Conference, November 13-15
Visit Annenberg Learner at The National Council for the Social Studies conference in New Orleans, LA, November 13-15. Stop by booth 930 for information on classroom and professional development resources. We will also hand out information on StoryCorps' "The Great Thanksgiving Listen."

On Friday, November 13, 2:15-3:05, join us for our session "Capturing the World: Photographs as Primary Sources." In this interactive session participants will learn how to integrate photographs into their teaching. Participants will use photos of the 1968 worldwide student protests and accompanying lesson plans from the Essential Lens site.
NCTE Conference, November 20-22
Visit Annenberg Learner at The National Council of Teachers of English conference in Minneapolis, MN, November 20-22. Stop by booth 338 for information on classroom and professional development resources.

On Saturday, November 21, 11-12:15, join us for our session "Drilling Down into Discipline Literacy." Teachers will learn how to shift to a discipline literacy focus, equipping students to understand a range of content, both text and visual. Participants will view and discuss video classroom lessons in ELA, math, science and history, and hear a professional filmmaker discuss literacy skills used in her work.
Professional Development
Look for Annenberg Learner courses offered for graduate credit and CEU opportunities through PBS TeacherLine, Colorado State, and San Diego State. 
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Annenberg Foundation Announcements

LIFE: A Journey Through Time

Opening October 24 at the Annenberg Space for Photography, LIFE: A Journey Through Time is a photographic interpretation of life on Earth from the Big Bang to the present by acclaimed National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting. The exhibition is based on Lanting's epic, multiyear project and features more than 70 images with texts and stories about the works, as well as an innovative timeline of life on our planet. The exhibit also includes an original documentary short film and short videos that explore the human connection to life around us. LIFE explores the story of our planet from its earliest beginnings to its present diversity, captured in images that evoke the complex wonder of nature through time.

Flower Hat Jelly, California, USA © Frans Lanting/

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