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     March 2016 Update 

Spotlight on Collaboration

What Does Collaboration Look Like in the Classroom?

Read Teaching Collaboration: Deeper Learning and Interpersonal Skills to discover how collaboration among teams of researchers led to successes in global efforts to fight Ebola and search for the Higgs-Boson. Then watch in-classroom examples demonstrating how to develop collaborative skills among students.

Recommended Resources

Celebrate World Literature During World Folktales & Fables Week

This World Folktales & Fables Week (March 20-26), travel the world with epics, folktales, and creation myths in Invitation to World Literature. The world's oldest work of fiction, The Epic of Gilgamesh; the Mayan creation story, Popol Vuh; and tales of Arabia and Persia, captured in the Thousand and One Nights are among those explored by scholars, artists, and other lovers of story and myth.

Einstein Was Right: Gravitational Waves Exist!

In February, scientists in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration announced that they have directly observed the ripples of gravitational waves in an instrument on Earth. Learn about early and modern efforts to detect gravitational waves in Physics for the 21st Century.

Monarch Populations Are on the Rebound: Report Your Spring Sightings With Journey North

Inspired by the monarch population rebound, people are celebrating the good news and continuing with conservation efforts. What caused the increase? Read about monarchs, compare monarch data on graphs, and learn how you and your students can share sightings during the spring migration.

Learner Log Blog Highlights

Add Music to the Subject You Teach

Make a case for including music education in the K-12 curriculum during Music in Our Schools Month. See what research says about the benefits of music instruction on the brain and learning, and find resources for adding music to your subject area lessons.

Brain Awareness Week: Cerebral Education

Brain Awareness Week (March 14-20), organized by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and the Society for Neuroscience, promotes the benefits of brain research. Several resources from offer intriguing insights into the brain and the mind. They can help you teach about this organ as well as learn how brains work to help you maximize students’ learning potential.

Women in History: Rachel Carson

This Women in History Month, we celebrate women who have made outstanding contributions in environmental science. To show your students how one individual can have an immense, positive impact on the health of our planet, introduce them to Rachel Carson. In Carson's book Silent Spring, she wrote about the harmful effects of DDT, motivating federal and state governments and communities to take action. The bald eagle population was just one beneficiary of her work.

Diseases: Going Viral in a Bad Way

Learn how scientists study diseases to determine causes and symptoms, develop vaccinations and cures, and curb the spread when outbreaks occur in Science of Diseases: Going Viral in a Bad Way.

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Stories from the Water Front

In honor of World Water Day on March 22, take a look back at the Annenberg Space for Photography’s Sink or Swim: Designing for a Sea Change. In a special Iris Nights lecture for this exhibit, photographer Balazs Gardi shared his stories of tracking how profoundly water has affected people's lives and discussed one of the most life-threatening environmental crises mankind has ever faced.