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December 2015  
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Across the Curriculum
Celebrate Diversity in December:
Teach Spiritual Literacy 
This Spiritual Literacy Month, broaden your understanding of religions and cultures from around the world and throughout history. Gain a better understanding of students’ diverse backgrounds and promote respect in your classroom. Read the blog post for free ways to bring spiritual literacy to your social studies, English, world language, and art classrooms.
Curriculum Focus
Remembering Pearl Harbor
On December 7, 1941, a Japanese air armada attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, leading the United States to officially enter World War II the next day. Historians discuss the Pearl Harbor attack and its aftermath in A Biography of America, program 22, “World War II.” This program also includes an interactive that asks you to consider whether or not the wartime internment of over 100,000 Japanese Americans was appropriate. 

The Art of Revision
Revision can be a scary process for anyone, and especially students. Stepping back from our writing and looking at it critically is not an easy task. How can you help your students, no matter what age they are, learn the process of revision and hone their editorial skills? Read the blog post to learn strategies and insights for teaching this essential writing technique.
The Mathematics of Connectivity
In the spirit of the traveling and socializing we do over the holidays, study physical (e.g. bridges) and immaterial (e.g. friendships) connectivity in Mathematics Illuminated, unit 11, "Connecting With Networks." Also study the dynamic nature of ecosystems, a particularly important group of networks connected to and influenced by us humans.
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What is El Niño?
NOAA forecasters predict that the United States will experience a particularly strong El Niño weather pattern this year. Learn what causes the weather event and how the event got its name in The Habitable Planet, unit 3, "Oceans."                                                        
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The Power of Music Wins NETA Award
Annenberg Learner's professional development series The Power of Music, produced by WNET Thirteen, won a 2015 Instructional Media - Professional Learning award from the National Educational Telecommunications Association. Profiled in the series is the LA Philharmonic's educational initiative, which was supported by the Annenberg Foundation. View the NETA award announcement.  
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Look for Annenberg Learner courses offered for graduate credit and CEU opportunities through PBS TeacherLine, Colorado State, and San Diego State. 
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Tune in for CNN Heroes

On Sunday, December 6 at 8:00pm ET, be sure to watch "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute,” which will honor Hero of the Year Maggie Doyne and other Top 10 Heroes for their outstanding work in the nonprofit world. All 10 Heroes will participate in customized versions of the Annenberg Alchemy program, tailored to help grow their individual organizations.

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